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The Vision


BOSLLC develops technologies that provide long-term solutions for large-scale water quality challenges.  Our elite scientific and engineering staff design advanced and unique water technologies for consumers, professionals, industry and municipalities.


Using a partnership approach BOS LLC creates environments where a true multi-disciplinary collaboration can take place between scientists, industry, organizations and government. Using the best tools and people available, this talented team of individuals from diverse backgrounds seeks out the right questions and works together to create solutions and answers.

Products and Services


Our primary products include Hope2o Water, Liquids, Semi-Solids, Soil, and Air Consumer Kits and Services.










The BOSLLC, Team has developed solutions for some of the toughest water quality issues such as near-real time remote monitoring and removing radioactive heavy metals, heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and organic contaminants out of water through our patented

Bio-remediation Technologies.

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The Team


Most of the BOSLLC team has been together for over a decade: working on science, physics, and engineering solutions for soil analysis and fresh and salt water contamination/analysis.  Our lead scientists and engineers have all had long successful history with Universities, NASA-JPL, USGS, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and several Military Branches. The team has worked in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, including a research voyage in 2011 sponsored by Google Founder’s Eric Schmidt’s SOI, (Schmidt Ocean Institute).  These endeavors resulted in the formation of the for-profit company BOSLLC.


Information about your own environment is important to you and your family's Health.

We provide tools to make that happen.


Combining our detection systems with secure data networks, algorithms which help you analyze the bottom line, and smart technology interfaces we give you

 powerful tools to manage your environment.


Now that the problems have been identified and analyzed

we use our technologies to fix the problem.

“Traditionally biological sciences, marine biology, oceanography, and material sciences have been separate fields. However, today’s science is more technical and environmental challenges are more complex, which is why it is critical to have a diverse team with multiple areas of expertise,”

- Dr. Andrea Neal (Blue Ocean Sciences Founder)

Supporting Companies

At Blue Ocean Sciences LLC we create solutions to address the needs of the global community for advanced and fresh approaches to solving large-scale environmental health challenges.  Want To Join in on the fun?


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